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A little bit of history about The Murray Bridge Players and Singers Inc.

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In 1983, The Murray Bridge Players and Murray Bridge Singers amalgamated to form The Murray Bridge Players and Singers Inc.

Based in Murray Bridge, about 80 kms from Adelaide, South Australia, on the Highway to Melbourne, we are a community based theatre group with the active motto “Friendship with Excellence”.

Consequently, while auditions are held for lead roles, anyone, regardless of ability or prior experience, who commits to the rehearsal/production schedule is welcomed and will be found a place within the production. We believe this is what “Community Theatre” is about.

With this philosophy, we are constantly surprised at the ability of members from within our local and outlying communities. Some members travel up to two hours each way to attend three to four rehearsals a week.

Your Committee

President: Benjamin Gallasch
Vice President: Mari Reu
Secretary: Andrew Broadbent
Treasurer: Wilma O'Sullivan
Committee Members: Trent Baker, Lorelle Barton, Peta Davis, Noel Kneebone, Emma Love, Karen Schilling

The Murray Bridge Players and Singers Inc. holds monthly committee meetings to meet the needs of the company, maintain our premises and keep things running smoothly during a production as well as upgrading our premises when we are in recess.