Costume Hiring

The Murray Bridge Players and Singers have an extensive costume collection used for their productions. Costumes are available for hiring to the public, other production companies and schools.
Our Costume Shed premises are located at 9 Short Street, Murray Bridge.
Volunteers are very welcome to join the MBPS Costume Team to assist with any of the costuming roles including: Production Costuming, Costume Hiring, Cleaning and Working Bee teams. 

Costume Hiring Schedule 2024

WEDNESDAYS (6:30pm-8:30pm)

* 7th February
* 6th March
* 3rd April
* 1st May
* 5th June

* 3rd July
* 7th August
* 4th September
* 2nd October
* 6th November
* 4th December

SATURDAYS (9:30am-11:30am)

* 24th February
* 23rd March
* 20th April
* 18th May
* 22nd June

* 20th July
* 24th August
* 21st September
* 19th October
* 23rd November

Hiring Procedures for the General Public

·       You will need to contact us prior to organise a booking.

·       The volunteer will pass on hiring costs and conditions.

Please note that all the costume team are volunteers and are not available at other times.
We are a community theatre group and our main focus is to costume our theatre productions.

Hiring Procedures for Groups:


(Production Companies, Schools & Large Groups)
Costumes are available for hire by appointment only:
·      If you would like to hire costumes for your production or event, an extensive range of costumes are available for hire at very reasonable rates.
·      Bookings are essential. Please provide info in the form below to book a time to meet at our premises. Information will include your Company/School name, a contact name, phone number, email address, the name of your production and approximate number of outfits needed.
·      The Costume Co-Ordinator will reply with a confirmation of your booking. 

Please bring with you

1. A thorough list of all the costumes you require. Photos or online pictures are very useful.
2. Measurements of all cast members including waist, bust/chest, shoulder (across the back), & waist to ankle lengths.
·      When you arrive for your booking, the Costume Team will assist in directing you toward the costumes you’re looking for.
·      A list of the costumes selected will be recorded and you will be given a copy along with a return date and information on the care and washing of the costumes. An invoice will be emailed for payment or payment can be made upon the return of costumes.
·      Please arrive on time for your booking. It can take a long time to find, record and pack a large selection of costumes. Text Katie Millan on 0433 920 060 if you need to change the appointment.

On the day of your appointment if you are delayed or unable to attend please text Katie Millan on 0433 920 060

* Include information such as your performance dates